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Active Evangelical Presence
in the Northeast Region 


Region 1:  Northeast Region
Region 2:  Southern Region
Region 3:  Western Region

Missional Resources for the Northeast Region of Nevada


The Nevada Baptist Convention, in partnership with the Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry, has provided a number of resources for the churches and the association to use in developing their missional strategy to reach their area for Christ.  These resources work together to highlight state-wide and regional needs as well as specific people groups that need to be reached.  


Missional Insight Catalogue

The Missional Insight Catalogue provides a snapshot of current missional reality.  Combining demographic, spirituality and religious data, the easy to use report gives an overview of missional needs.
Nevada Missional State Digest

Mission Point Reports

The purpose of the Mission Point Report is to provide direction for pinpointing locations where missional activity is greatly needed.  "Missional activity" may be defined as incarnational mission that leads to the reaching of new believers and the starting of new ministries and new churches.

Mission Point Report for Region 1 - Northeast Region

Mission Site DIGEST Reports

The Mission Site Digest reports are a summary of a larger report that gives an overview of the demographic, ethnic, lifestyle, and consumer behavior characteristics around the center of an unreached location.  The Digest summary gives a snapshot of a site that needs missional attention.
Mission Site Digest: Battle Mountain (PDF)
Mission Site Digest: Reaching Battle Mountain (RTF)
Mission Site Digest: Carlin (PDF)
Mission Site Digest: Reaching Carlin (RTF)  
Mission Site Digest: Elko (PDF)
Mission Site Digest: Reaching Elko (RTF)
Mission Site Digest: Ely (PDF)
Mission Site Digest: Reaching Ely (RTF)  
Mission Site Digest: Wells (PDF)
Mission Site Digest: Reaching Wells (RTF)
Mission Site Digest: Winnemucca (PDF)
Mission Site Digest: Reaching Winnemucca (RTF)


Mission Site Reports

The Mission Site Report provides an overview of the demographic, ethnic, lifestyle, and consumer behavior characteristics around the center of an unreached location. The report is designed to be used by churches, church planting sponsors, church planters, and church plant core groups to evaluate the type of people in the area and the best approaches to use in developing new ministries and new congregations. The MissionSite report is over 60 pages long.
Mission Site: Battle Mountain
Mission Site: Carlin
Mission Site: Elko
Mission Site: Ely
Mission Site: Wells
Mission Site: Winnemucca   

Missional Zipcode Digest

The Missional Zipcode Digest is a two-page summary similar to the Mission Site Digest.  Click on the link below to go to the download directory that has the report for each zipcode where a BSCNC church is located.  Use your browser search function to find your Missional Zipcode Digest.  If you do not find one for your zipcode, please contact the Multiplication team office.
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